Creative Copywriter

I’ve been writing for international fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands for close to a decade both at the agency I started out at as well as on a freelance basis. My personal focus lies on sustainability and durability, the latter I like to show in my work as well, creating copy with a holistic approach. I also happily embark in some side projects of my own, the most personal being Her IRL. A newsletter filled to the brim with intimate stories, anecdotes, chef’s kiss recipes and other modern day pleasures and defeats.

My Work

Port Tanger

Storytelling, Product descriptions


PR consultancy, Press release, Q&A (all in Dutch)


Tone of voice development, Product descriptions, Job descriptions

Until One Sunday We Didn’t

Editor, Co-written with Timo Kuilder

Authentic Beauty Concept

Tone of voice development, Social Media captions, Press release (all in Dutch)

Modern Mourning

Column, Articles

Daniëlle Cathari

Newsletter, Press release

Biocol Labs


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Her IRL Newsletter

Her IRL is a conversation. It’s vulnerable, it’s honest, it’s real. It’s a newsletter about grief, recovery, inspiration, current aesthetics, our online & offline persona and everything else life brings us. At the moment Her IRL is also hosting a book exchange, in order to bring back the joy of reading and sharing.

Sign up at herirl.com

About Me

Around 15 years or so ago I started working in PR as a jack-of-all-trades. After doing about every job that is available at a PR-agency I quickly found my craft: copywriting. And while I still enjoy doing some PR consultancy from time to time, especially for companies that do the work, I try to stick to my trade of choice nowadays.
Dutch Native
Fluent in English
Press releases
Product descriptions
Social captions
Short copy


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