I’ve been writing for and as (international) fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands for close to a decade both at the agency I started out at as well as on a freelance basis. While I love writing for companies like lululemon, Shoebaloo, Vedder & Vedder and Random Studio, I also embark in some side projects of my own including newsletter Her IRL as well as co-writing an illustration book about bipolar disorder.

Let’s say, around 13 years ago I started working in PR as a jack-of-all-trades. Although I still don’t know how I bluffed myself into a job as a 17-year old with zero relevant work experience I did. And after doing about every job that is available at a PR-agency I quickly found my trade: copywriting. While I still enjoy doing some PR consultancy from time to time, I try to stick to my trade of choice nowadays.

Personal musings

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Her IRL is a conversation. It’s vulnerable, it’s honest, it’s real. It’s a newsletter about grief, recovery, inspiration, current aesthetics, our online & offline persona and everything else life brings us. At the moment Her IRL is also hosting a book exchange, in order to bring back the joy of reading and sharing.

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Sonja’s Favorites.

My mother’s favorite things included fragrant shower gels - some for everyday use others to keep in case of spontaneous vacations. The latter she took with her when she found shelter at my one bedroom studio in the summer of 2016, knowing it would be her last resort. ‘Sonja’s favorites’ was a part of Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam’s The Intersection, raising money and awareness for Neighborhood Feminists.
Until One Sunday We Didn’t

Timo and his dad spend their time crafting together every Sunday. Until one Sunday they didn’t, nor the Sundays after. I’ve been working on a book, together with illustrator Timo Kuilder on his dad being bipolar, for two years now. It will be out soon.

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